Obtain the esta document to travel to the USA

document estaIf you want to travel to New York in Colorado or anywhere in the United States, you should know that since 2009 you are obliged to obtain the Esta document before traveling. It is a paying document that one obtains following a questionnaire aimed at reinforcing the security of travel to the USA.

The most advantageous for the traveler is the fact that he no longer has to apply for a visa through the embassy. He just has to apply for esta, and everything is done online and automated. Go to a website dedicated to the travel application, fill in the information requested and answer the questionnaire. Following this process, you will receive an automatic response and the automated system will process your request.


The procedure is

The procedure is simple and above all fast. Many websites allow you to complete the form online, they then process your file and return the travel authorization form to you a few days later.

The interface is simple to use and registering your details is done in minutes.

The price depends on the websites on which you answer the questionnaire and which will transmit your request. They generally provide a multitude of services that are very valuable to the traveler, such as verifying the validity of the information you have provided, which can prevent you from being refused an esta document.



What to do in case of refusal of the esta?

UNITED STATESThe cases of refusal of the esta are very rare. The refusal is generally due to errors in the answers to the questionnaire. Because the system is automated, if you answer a question incorrectly, the system will not grant you entry into the USA.

For example, if you answered yes to the question “do you have links with terrorist organizations”, you should not receive your authorization.

In this case, you can renew your request after 10 days.


Website to apply for an esta document

We recommend the site below to make your request online. The questionnaire is entirely in French, a team is available to answer your questions, obtaining your authorization is quick and the information is checked by their department before final submission to the authorities.