ESTA website in French

If you are looking for a site to apply for ESTA , you can now find sites in French on the internet. You are no longer required to be fully fluent in English in order to be able to answer in correct English all of the contained questions relating to admission requirements to the United States.

Importance of ESTA USA


Obtaining an ESTA United States has become essential since January 12, 2009 for travelers who have the possibility of traveling to the United States without a visa. This formality was developed in order to allow the United States Homeland Security Department to determine whether foreign nationals planning to travel can enter the United States without a visa.

This formality is exclusively reserved for transport by sea or air. Instead of completing the traditional I-94W form , travelers will now have to complete the ESTA form before considering a departure.

Serious ESTA sites that offer the document in French

To complete the electronic ESTA travel authorization form, the traveler must connect to the Internet and go to a site that has offered itself the task of offering the formality in French. The ESTA form is offered by several private sites. No need to fill out the form on several different sites to ensure obtaining an authorization of admission to the United States. On the contrary, such a practice may lead to the cancellation of the request. It is simply a matter of choosing a reliable ESTA site. The viability of the site is not sufficient. It is also good that the site offers an irreproachable quality of service.

ESTA site in French facilitates the answers to the questionnaire


For French citizens or citizens of French-speaking countries, it is advisable to choose an ESTA site in French. Among the many sites that offer the ESTA form, there are those sites in French that have been created to easily allow French people to complete the questionnaire which is normally in English. In addition to transcriptions in French of all questions relating to the criteria for obtaining ESTA, the sites in French have customer service provided by bilingual staff.

These customer service agents can assist you with the procedures for completing your electronic form. Thanks to a site in French, you can understand the questions asked in the form without needing to understand English.