How to complete the ESTA form for the USA

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The Visa Waiver Program ESTA authorization allows foreign nationals benefiting from the Visa Waiver Program to travel to the United States. They can stay there for 90 days with this travel authorization. The trip must only be made for tourism or business. The United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection requires foreign nationals, since September 8, 2010, to submit a pre-departure application.

From this date, they must complete the ESTA form to be able to embark for the USA. Unlike the old green form that travelers had to complete during the trip, the ESTA form must be completed well before the day of departure. Indeed, the traveler will not be able to board a boat or an airplane without this travel authorization.

How do I complete the ESTA form?

Being an electronic travel authorization system, the ESTA form must be completed online only. Several questions are asked which the applicant must imperatively answer. It asks the traveler to identify himself, to provide information from his passport, details of the trip he plans to make in the USA, his contact details, his state of health… and many other personal information. Once completed, the applicant can save and submit it for validation. The fact of not answering one or more questions systematically leads to the refusal of the request.

What about errors in the ESTA form?

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According to the procedure, the applicant is asked to carefully check the information he has provided before registering the application. In case there are still errors, the applicant can correct them immediately by clicking on the update tab if and only if it concerns information on his trip to the USA such as his address,

the means of transport, the telephone numbers… On the other hand, any errors concerning the passport or the identity of the applicant are incorrigible. There is no other possible alternative except to reapply.

How much should I pay for an ESTA form request?

The ESTA form was introduced by the American authorities to secure travelers and American territory. It is now paid. For the application to be validated, the applicant must pay the mandatory application fee of US$21 online. Errors and omissions must be avoided when filling out the form. The applicant risks paying twice this amount in case he has to reapply for the ESTA form. It should be noted that a granted ESTA request allows its owner to make several entries into the United States for two years.