Application for an ESTA in a foreign language for the United States

Many countries are beneficiaries of the visa waiver program. Most European countries are included. Although this system is established by the American administration, on this site the information necessary to make an ESTA request is available in all European languages. This in order to facilitate access to Europeans.

The objectives of an ESTA application to travel to the United States


Two main objectives are to be raised when talking about the ESTA application. On the one hand, there is a question of security. After the series of attacks against the United States, the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration Service developed this formality.

It makes it possible to establish the profile of each traveler who chooses the plane or the boat to go to the United States. On the other hand, the ESTA facilitates the instruction of the documents essential to be able to enter the American territory.

Europeans among ESTA beneficiaries

Before applying for an esta online , the first criterion to consider is whether your country is one of the beneficiary countries of the visa waiver program. Only nationals of these countries can apply for an ESTA authorization. Most of the countries are part of the European continent. Indeed, Europeans have the opportunity to take advantage of this preferential treatment to go to the USA.

An ESTA request can be made on specialized sites


Generally to apply for ESTA, you will have to go to an English-speaking site. This does not make it easy for European nationals. To remedy this, the American DHS website allows you to make an ESTA request in all European languages and help you with the corresponding procedures.

You can check their FAQ for any doubts or issues you will face while filling out the form. You can avail their services for free. Only the administration fees and taxes will be requested. The main thing is to accompany you to ensure a positive response to your request.