ESTA form questions

InternetFor years now, insecurity has reigned in this world. We can no longer rely on appearances, for this, the United States has taken its precaution for all those who want to go to American territory.

A system called ESTA has been in place since 2009, for better control of each national before the trip. The application is not difficult to make, but requires attention in completing and answering the questions on the ESTA form that can be found on the sites. Several sites are specialized in making this request.


Why is an ESTA form mandatory?

All travelers wishing to do business or vacation in the USA must apply for the ESTA form, because the US government has set up this system so that no one enters their territory by plane or boat without authorization. It is therefore necessary to complete this electronic document to obtain the ESTA authorization, and to print it when it is granted, because it may be part of the documents requested on boarding and on arrival.


What are the questions in the esta form?

questions-estaThe ESTA form asks for every detail of our identity, first and last name, date of birth, in other words on marital status, after, the information of the plane ticket, the carrier, its number, the destination and everything related to the trip. .

Regarding the content of the passport, you have to take the time to fill in the information, because they are important, especially the passport number. The questions also relate to the state of health and morality of the applicant. So are the questions asked on the form.


How to answer the questions of the form?

Questions about print are not difficult to answer. You just need to provide the exact and precise data when registering on ESTA. Avoid spelling mistakes, do not make mistakes on the figures where there is always a risk of error.

Don’t bother to prepare whole sentences to answer, because you just have to tick yes or no depending on the circumstances. Read the question carefully and make sure you understand better in order to avoid wrong answers. Finally, check that we have answered all the questions on the form before validating for any risk of rejection of the request.