Go through the United States Embassy for the ESTA visa?


The ESTA or Electronic System of Travel Authorization is an alternative system to the visa. Its objective is to facilitate the entry of different nationals of European countries into the United States. In order to achieve this, the US Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration Service have developed a questionnaire which is the ESTA visa.

This questionnaire must be completed by each applicant, whether major or minor, and must be stamped by the United States Embassy. The ESTA visa is a device that both secures and facilitates traveler access to means of air and boat transport. As a result, thanks to this device, traveling to the USA becomes easier and safer.

The ESTA USA visa questionnaire


The ESTA visa was developed for a specific purpose. Indeed, after the attacks perpetrated against the USA in 2001, security on board flights and boats leaving for the United States was reinforced to the maximum. This is where the ESTA visa system was born.

The main objective of the ESTA questionnaire is to establish the profile of each traveler in order to rule out individuals at risk. It has three main parts. The identity of the traveler, the purpose of his trip and finally his background. This device has been beneficial for everyone, because in addition to being reassuring for passengers, the immigration service can more easily check people entering their territory.

Going to the US Embassy is unnecessary to obtain an ESTA for the USA

The ESTA application is completely online. To do this, you do not have to go to the United States Embassy , as with the visa that requires travel. As France is a beneficiary country of the visa waiver program, there are sites in French that aim to provide an ESTA service online.

In order to obtain your ESTA visa authorization, you just need to connect to one of these specialized sites. You will be provided with the necessary assistance to obtain your ESTA authorisation. All information you provide to complete your application will be kept confidential. In addition, these sites have secure payment systems that allow secure online payment.