Registration of a paying ESTA online

Since the introduction of the visa waiver program, coming to the United States can be done without a visa. However, before the trip, it is necessary to register the ESTA online on a site authorized to offer the form.

Complete the ESTA form online from a specialized site


To go to the USA as part of a visa-free trip, it is necessary to first apply for an ESTA. Similar to the old green form, the online ESTA form is simplified by an electronic system.

You must connect to the internet to be able to submit your request. There are several sites offering this US Travel Authorization Form . You can make your request from our site by completing the information requested in the ESTA form. Entry by land from Mexico and Canada, however, is not affected by this administrative formality.

The purposes of the establishment of ESTA usa

The ESTA formality is a new formality developed by the American government since 2009 in order to protect travelers but above all to ensure the security of American territory. It makes it possible to replace the operations of in-depth checks of travelers before entering the USA.

In other words, it allows the Department of Homeland Security of the United States of America to know foreign nationals in anticipation of travel or stopover in the USA. The processing of the ESTA file is done entirely online. Your ESTA usa application may be granted, denied or pending. In the latter case, it is necessary to wait 72 hours to have a definitive answer.

Paid ESTA and the services offered


The ESTA is a paid travel authorization. It costs a minimum of US$21. This $21 represents the mandatory taxes to be paid online to the U.S. administration to finalize the online application.

In some cases, travel providers charge a higher amount to cover their assistance fees.